Griffith Racing Team is made up of a crew of dedicated students who put in countless hours in addition to their university studies to ensure the project performs to the highest level every year. Our team consists mainly of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering students but also include students from Design, Business and many other faculties. All of our team members help with vehicle design, project management, business logistics, sponsorship relations and help in and out of the workshop. 

Through Griffith Racing Team, our members are able to push themselves and develop their skills in design, business, marketing and hands-on manufacturing. Our team members love what they do and without this group of dedicated individuals, our team would cease to exist. 

The Griffith Racing Team is not only a FSAE racing team, we are also a University Club, a rather good one at that to.

Since the start of the club we have earnt multiple awards from our home base, Griffith University

Outstanding Achievement by a Club-2017
Best Club Website- 2018
Best Professional Development-2018
Best Social Media Presence-2018
Club of the Year-2018
Best Media Presence-2019

Team Overview

Team Leaders and Management
Design and Manufacturing
Business and Marketing
Workshop Manufacturing

Our Leadership Team

Sam Duncan

Team Coordinator

Emily Gov

Head of Aero

Estha Nulty

Chief Engineer

Markus Perilla

Head of Sponsorship

Erin Smekel

Social Coordinator

Jack Seagrave

Head of Cooling