Joining The Team

Griffith Racing Team is always on the hunt for passionate and dedicated students. If you’re a self-motivated student studying engineering, business, marketing, digital media or simply have a passion for motorsport, you’d be a great fit for the team. Interested students can join the team at any time, however, most recruitment happens at the beginning of Trimester 1 and 2 and trial tasks are offered to new members at this point. We’ve attempted to answer most questions that students have when joining the team below. If there’s anything you’d like to know that we haven’t listed, either email us or contact us via our Facebook page. 

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Member FAQ

Any student enrolled at Griffith University is eligible to join the team. The program is open to students studying any course. If you have a passion for motorsport, business or want to develop your professional skills, you’re encouraged to apply. 

The Formula-SAE program emulates the operations of a real-world small business producing a low quantity of open-wheel race vehicles each year. This means that there are open roles available that you would expect to find in an engineering business. Some potential roles are listed below.

  • Project Management
  • Engineering
  • Production Hand
  • Resource Management
  • Events Coordinator
  • Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Sponsorship Liaison

This is by no means an exhaustive list of the poential roles available to students who are intrested in joining the team. If you feel you have a skill that would benefit the team and would like to join, simply register your interest above and we’ll be in touch. 

The Formula-SAE program exists to allow students to gain hands on experience while they study their degree. The competition develops skills in design, management, manufacturing, communication, research and business operations in a real world environment. The development of professional skills 

The team primarily operates on a ‘if you design it, you build it’ mentality. The F-SAE program is about encouraging students to learn and develop their professional skills. If you take the initiative and design a component for the vehicle, you will be responsible for seeing through the development of it. If you need assistance learning how to manufacture a certain component, senior team members are always happy to help. 

If you’ve joined the team after most of the designs are completed for the year, that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to work on the vehicle. You simply need to approach senior members and ask if they have any jobs they’d like help with.

By joining the team, you have relatively few commitments to maintain membership. Throughout the trimester, the team will hold a number of all hands meetings to update students on the progress of the vehicle and brief them on upcoming events. Beyond that, you will get out of the team what you put into it. 

If you simply wish to join the team for to attend our social events (such as karting, F1 evenings, bowling etc.), you only need to attend team ‘all hand’ meetings. If you wish to be more involved in the team and volunteer to head up a task, it is expected that you will complete it in a timely manner, however, the team relies on proactive students. You will not be assigned tasks unless you request them and have proven you will complete them.  

Typically the design of the following years vehicle will begin late in the prior year. That means that if you’ve joined in trimester one, the majority of the design work will have been completed for that years vehicle. There are however always a number of small design jobs that are intentionally left until after the trimester one intake of recruits to give new members an opportunity to be involved and understand the design process and mentality for the F-SAE competition. Before any student is allowed to design a component however, there are number of small tasks that they are required to perform.

To be eligible to work on the manufacturing, design or testing of the vehicle, students must first undertake a three step challenge. Students are 

  1. A short three page technical report must be prepared within two weeks from commencement on a chosen component of the vehicle. The report examines what GRT has historically done, are planning to do and what other F-SAE teams both nationally and internationally are doing with regards to the component. The components range from the brake system to material selection for the chassis.

  2. Students undertake a very short rules test using the latest version of the F-SAE rules. Students will be asked between 3 to 5 questions and will have to have the answers within the rules as to what is and isn’t allowed. This ensures students are familiar with the rules before they begin designing any component. 

  3. A simple hands on test is conducted to determine how familiar students are with working with tools and safe conduct within a workshop. A jig is provided that simulates the suspension setup on a previous vehicle and students are asked to reassemble it. 

Depending on how much time a student wants to invest, the three step challenge can be completed in as little as a day, however, it is entirely self paced and students may complete it as they wish.